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Jul 28, 2022

Life in the 21st Century is fast paced. Developments in technology mean that we can fit more in to our day than ever before, which feeds our hunger for new and exciting experiences. The down side is that we rarely slow down and reflect on the simple things in life, everyday stuff that actually makes up the fabric of our lives. Before we know it time moves on, things we thought would never change become hazy memories that you ache to remember clearly. As a documentary photographer I give you the opportunity to hit the pause button and freeze time for a day.

What is a day-in-the-life family photoshoot?

Day-in-the-life photo sessions are where photojournalism meets family photography. They preserve the intricate story of your family life right now, from dawn til dusk and everything in between. Nothing posed, just simple, honest moments artfully captured to celebrate your uniquely beautiful family life. Through skilful use of composition and camera technique I elevate your everyday into contemporary art, you will be surprised by the magic that I find!

During your day-in-the-life session I spend several hours with you, so everyone has time to relax in to it. You may choose to mooch around your home and play in the garden, or you might have some activities planned. Whatever happens I go at your pace, following your typical day, documenting real moments, routines and connections as they unfold naturally. You’ll forget that I’m there with a camera as it’s more like hanging out with an old friend! When you look back at your photos you want them to feel authentically ‘you’, so don’t have to prepare anything, you don’t need to get dressed up, you don’t even need to tidy.

Sound easy? It really is the most stress-free photoshoot you will ever have and I promise the photos will be the most meaningful.

Documentary family photography in Cambridge

As a photographer I love to work on these long form sessions, it’s where my true passion lies. I put my heart and soul into a shoot, spending a full day immersing myself in your family to capture the wonder of your ordinary. It allows me to take my time and really slow down. This enables me to watch and wait until something catches my interest, something that is unique to your family. So you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to spend 24 hours photographing the Hagues family in Cambridge.

It was an honour to be asked to photograph the Hagues as Diana is also a family photographer. I know from experience that as a photographer you are always behind the lens. So ironically you are never in your own family photos. Consequently I made sure I put Diana front and centre to show her how much she means to her boys.

… but you might also notice another protagonist – the yellow ball! Any family with footie mad kids will recognise this character. I love how the colour pop weaves through the series to tie everything together.

We had the most fantastic time together so it was impossible to narrow down my favourites. Here is a tiny selection! However, if you want to get a real feel for how a full day-in-the-life session works, watch this slideshow.

Early morning in pyjamas on a day in the life photoshoot in CambridgeEnvironmental portrait of boy in pyjamas on family photoshoot in CambridgeSaturday morning breakfast pancake tradition, captured on a day-in-the-life family photoshoot in CambridgeIndoor football real life family photoshoot Cambridge by photographer Emma CollinsClose up of boy doing homework during a day-in-the-life family photoshoot in Cambridge with Photographer Emma CollinsBrothers playing video games on PS4 XBox family photoshoot CambridgeReactions of kids playing PS4 Xbox real life photoshoot in CambridgeDay-in-the-life family photography session capturing Chinese family preparing noodles for lunch in CambridgeBoy kicking yellow football in house on family documentary photography session in Cambridge by Emma Collinswoman carrying old dog on dog walk whilst husband laughs, captured during a family photoshoot in CambridgeDocumentary family photographer Emma Collins captures mother playing football with boys in CambridgeFamily photojournalist Emma Collins captures tender moment between mother and son, Cambridge family photographerCambridge documentary family photographer captures mother playing football with sonCambridge family photographer captures unconventional shot of father giving his son a piggy back during a documentary family photoshootFamily games night captured during a documentary family photoshoot in CambridgePhoto of boy playing board game during documentary family photo session in CambridgeParents helping boy make banana cake during a family documentary photoshoot in CambridgeMother and son baking pizzas during a real life family photoshoot in Cambridge, captured by documentary family photographer Emma CollinsBoys constantly kicking footballs even in the house on a family photoshoot in CambridgeClose up photo of dad hugging son, captured by photographer Emma Collins on a day-in-the-life photoshoot in Cambridge Photo of husband and wife mirroring eachother eating Pizza, documentary family photography in Cambridge Boys with nerf guns captured on a Cambridge family photoshoot by documentary family photographer Emma CollinsFamily nerf gun battle captured during a documentary family photography session in CambridgeMother and son in play fight battle with Nerf guns, real life natural family photography in CambridgeMother kissing son goodnight at bedtime after a full day-in-the-life photoshoot in Cambridge by family documentary photographer Emma Collins

Emma Collins in an international award-winning documentary photographer. She specialises in documentary family photography in Cambridge, creating art from the everyday. By using a contemporary day-in-the-life approach to sessions she captures natural, candid, storytelling family photos. Has this whet your appetite for documentary family photography? Learn more about different types of sessions here or get in touch to book your session.


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