Family (Un)Expected | Documentary family exhibition at Les Rencontres Arles

Jul 8, 2022

Family (Un)Expected is an exhibition taking place at “Les Rencontres de la Photographie” in Arles, France, one of the most important international photography festivals. I’m beyond excited that this photo of my daughters, called ‘Teenage Angst’, was selected to hang alongside work from 32 awesome documentary family photographers at such a prestigious event.

Unfortunately, I can’t be there this year, but if you’re in the region I recommend a visit. It’s a spectacular sight to see the whole town turned into a giant art gallery … and if you do visit please send me a photo!


4-16 JULY 2022


Work by Emma Collins on Family Unexpected poster Les Rencontres Arles

“Family: (un)expected presents diverse stories, unmasking the true everyday lives of family. The images question prevailing norms while resisting the social media propaganda of the universal ideas of the “perfect family.”

Instead, laid bare is raw humanness that opens us up to the possibilities of being alive together. It exposes real familial experiences that are typically hidden away: triumph, struggle, quietness, and chaos. The expected is poised against the unexpected, providing further questioning of family life.”

If you can’t visit in person you can see the exhibit online here. Click on any of the images to find out more about them, what inspired the artists and the messages behind their work.

Thank you to DFP for your important work in bringing documentary family photography to a wider audience! … and congratulations to my colleagues whose photos are also on display.

Documentary Family Photography Exhibition at Les Roncontres Arles

Here are some wonderful shots taken at the gallery during set up and at the Vernissage at the exhibition. (Vernissage = private viewing – don’t the French have beautiful words?!)
Setting up the Family (Un)Expected exhibition at Le Collectif du Herisson gallery at Les Rencontres Arles 2022
Vernissage of Family (Un)Expected exhibition at the Arles photo festivalFamily (Un)Expected photography exhibit at Les Rencontres Arles 2022, France
If you want to find out more about work that I have recently exhibited, see here and here.


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