Easter photography activity for kids | Springtime scavenger hunt

Mar 28, 2023

Free downloadable photography activity for kids

Hands up parents – do you ever have days during school holidays when you haven’t planned an activity for the kids and they are driving you bonkers?!

Sometimes it feels like they are hardly at school, right?! … so with the Easter school holidays around the corner, I have made a present for you!

Over the years, my kids and I have loved doing photo scavenger hunts, from when they were little reception kids needing me to help, right through to teen years when they had more independence. It has been a lovely way for me to share my passion for photography with them and to teach them some skills along the way … and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition, especially at Easter when the rewards are chocolate eggs! So I decided to create a springtime/Easter scavenger hunt that is available as a free download, the perfect activity filler for those unplanned days.

Scavenger hunts are super fun and a great activity to do with your kids when you’re out and about enjoying the warmer weather and the first signs of spring. They’re the perfect activity to keep everyone entertained on a family walk, but they’re also a great activity to have up your sleeves for days when your kids are at a loose end and moaning about being bored (that word should be banned!). I hope you and your kids enjoy it!




Download your copy by filling in the form above, and this will also make sure that you’re notified of any new family activity resources that I create.

Have you read my post about how to take better photos with your phone camera? You might find it a useful read to get some tips before you venture out on your scavenger hunt!


  1. Elora Viano

    Looking forward to trying this!

    • Emma Collins

      I can’t wait to see what you guys get up to – I’m sure it will be beautiful with you as mum!!


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