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Mar 11, 2019

When fellow photographer, Katie Lister, came across my work she thought I was a documentary photographer and wanted to book me for a new baby session at home, but I was still working in studio for newborn work. She was convinced that my style would naturally convert to documentary, I took some persuasion as I was used to the controlled environment of a studio … but the more I thought about it the more I realised that without challenges we can’t grow.

So I drove down to Walton-on-Thames to meet Katie and her newly expanded family in their new home, an important milestone of growth and change in their family story that they wanted to document. The occasion wasn’t being marked with any grand plans or outings, I just spent time quietly observing a normal day … in fact so ordinary was the day, that when I arrived the youngest addition to the family had decided to have a long nap! If you look down a little further, you will see the glee on his sister’s face when she was allowed to burst into his nursery after the baby monitor started gurgling …

… and I loved it, the challenge of an unknown environment, assessing the available light, anticipating the action and finding beauty in the everyday. In years to come, when they look back at their photos I hope they will remember how happy they were just being together … these moments maybe unmemorable at the time, but they become our sweetest memories that we end up treasuring the most.

Thank you Katie … I can attribute my love of documenting families to this session with your gorgeous tribe, and without your encouragement it may have remained undiscovered!

I am a documentary photographer based in St Albans, available for family, maternity, baby and newborn photoshoots in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London … and further afield if you wish! If you would like to book your own Emma Collins photoshoot, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can email me at hello@emmacollinsphotography.co.uk, or visit my contact page.


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